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We’re open Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to make an appointment first?

It’s best to avoid the queue. You can contact us via WhatsApp, telephone, LINE, or email to make an appointment.

2. What payment methods are accepted at this clinic?

Apart from cash, we also accept payments for debit, credit, and online transfers.

3. How much the cost for treatment at Dental Office?

For information about the cost of our treatment, you should consult with our dentist first because the cost of treatment is different based on the condition of the patient’s oral and dental health status.

4. Can you consult by online chat, telephone, sms?

No, for now we cannot provide consultation by online, telephone or sms chat. We recommend that patients come directly to the clinic so that the dentist can see and check the condition of the teeth and oral cavity, determine the diagnosis, and prepare a treatment plan.

5. Can I consult about things other than teeth such as joints, conditions of the oral health (lips, tongue, cheeks etc.)?

Yes you can. At the clinic we not only service dental care, but we also provide care for the condition of the oral health.

6. I have a systemic disease (diabetes / hypertension / kidney disease etc.), can I do dental treatment?

It is possible, if the dental treatment is non-invasive (conservative action that does not require incision in the body / tissue removal). But if you plan to carry out invasive actions, then you should first consult with an internal medicine doctor and get a letter of approval for invasive actions, such as removing teeth or dental and oral surgery.

7. Can I do x-ray photos in the Dental Office?

No you can’t. If the patient is recommended or wants to do an x-ray photo, then we can give a referral letter to the nearest laboratory.

8. Does the clinic serve BPJS patients?

No, for now we have not cooperated with BPJS.

9. If I undergo dental treatment in the Dental Office, can the doctor help me regarding insurance claims?

Yes we can. You only need to bring the insurance claim sheet and our doctor will assist in the process of making the medical file needed.

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