Blind Eyes Due To Tooth Extraction? Facts or Myths?

I have heard many stories from various circles of patients about blindness caused by tooth extraction or extraction of upper teeth causing blindness due to the roots of teeth that are close to the eyes.

The good news is that this is a MYTH.


  1. Neural branching in teeth with eyes is not directly related to nerves in the eye
  2. When extracting the teeth over the front, the eye of the extraction area may be numb.

In the extraction of incisors or canines, a dentist or maxillofacial oral surgeon usually injects near the area of ​​branching of the eye nerve (infraorbita).

If a dentist who is inexperienced does the injection, there may be internal bleeding (hematoma), complications in the eye nerve (infraorbita nerve injury), which will not cause blindness.

The most common thing is

  1. Swelling around the eyes, cheeks, face and gums due to continuing tooth infection
  2. Accidents that cause problems in the eye area and or around the eyes
  3. Elderly patients who have eye problems such as cataracts


Routinely make a visit to the dentist to check your condition like:

  1. There is swelling of the gums and its surroundings
  2. Shaking teeth
  3. Gums that often bleed
  4. Numbness in the area of ​​the teeth and mouth
  5. Check your general condition before extracting teeth to the dentist