The journey to reviving your smile begins. We’ll examine your teeth and then walk you through our restorative and cosmetic dentistry options.

Want straight, healthy teeth and a confident smile?

1. Invisalign

“I don’t want metal braces.” With Invisalign, you don’t wear metal braces. Instead, your teeth are straightened by wearing series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. No one can tell you’ve got the aligners on (unless you tell them).

2. Conventional braces

Conventional braces are still the most common form of orthodontic treatment and for good reason. They get great results! By using the latest in orthodontic wire technology our treatments apply the most gentle and efficient forces.  To make sure you feel comfortable with the treatment plan, the materials used, and the colors, can be tailored for your specific needs, which include metal braces and clear braces (ceramic braces, and sapphire braces).

3. Retainer

Once you’ve had your braces off, you will need a retainer. A retainer is a device designed to hold your teeth in position once they have been moved into the right place using braces.